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Join us in exploring the microscopic world!


BioBus visit sessions are designed mainly as a one-time experience, with the goal of creating a welcoming, engaging, and supportive environment where students can experience being a scientist and get excited about science. During a typical session, students work with a BioBus scientist to explore various organisms using a research-grade microscope. They are encouraged to use their observation and critical thinking skills to ask questions, to form hypotheses, and to look for answers; in other words: to be scientists themselves! You can find more details about our offerings below.

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BioBus brings their equipment, curriculum, and scientists directly inside the classroom with highly adaptable science stations. A BioBus visit consists of up to five 45-minute sessions on the same day; with up to 30 students in each session. The specific content and flow of each class depends on many factors, including the samples and resources available to the BioBus scientists at the time, as well as their area of expertise. Also, BioBus scientists love meeting students where they are and letting student inquiry guide the sessions. So, if your students love talking about poop, brace yourself for an exploration of poop as it relates to an organism or its ecosystem.

Community Events


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Field Trips to a Laboratory


High school and middle school students travel to meet research scientists onsite at Northeastern’s Chemical Imaging of Living Systems center. Students will hear from scientists about their research and use state of the art microscopes to investigate scientific questions.

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